Loreto is the place where the Jesuits established and started to evangelize the Guaicuras in the Californias.


We will take you in a 4 hour tour to Sierra la Giganta, into the second Jesuit mission of San Francisco Javier, only 22 miles away from Loreto, driving through canyons and river beds!

Missions tours require a minimum of 4 persons up to 10 pax.

We always include an English speaking certified guide besides the driver, as well as lunch for all explorers, and ground transportation.

For these tours we recommend that you wear long pants or long shorts, closed shoes, sunscreen and hat.

We offer special prices for groups larger than 5 persons.

Missions Ranches


Ranchers feel very comfortable and proud to receive the tourists, in order to perform some activities with them, such as milking the goats very early in the morning, preparing your own flour tortillas, or enjoying the beans they just prepared for you.

A great and unforgettable experience for the kids!

These tours required a minimum of 2 children with 2 adults up to 8 persons in total.

We include: English speaking certified guide, breakfast (with fresh flour tortillas, beans, coffee, cheese) and ground transportation.

We recommend that you wear long pants or long shorts, closed shoes, sunscreen and hat for this activity.

Ranchers have been part of the culture of Loreto since the Jesuits conquered the peninsula. They have owned their ranches for generations!

Call us: (+52 613) 688-0008

Cave paintings


Visiting the "Cueva de las Serpientes" (The Snakes Cave) is a must while exploring Loreto. We will take you with a native guide to climb about 2,300 feet to get into a cave which has remains of millennial cave paintings.

These 6-hour tours require a minimum of 4 persons, up to 10 visitors per group going to the caves.

We always include an English-speaking certified guide, ground transportation and lunch for all the "explorers".

Our recommendation is to wear long pants or long shorts, closed shoes, sunscreen and a hat.

We also offer special prices for groups larger than 7 persons.

Cave paintings have been part of the history of humanity for thousands of years. Near Loreto, in Sierra de la Giganta, we can find remains of them, which have been there for more than 7,000 years.

TRIP TIPS: Most of our trips involve a lot of sun. Please make sure you keep yourself well protected (sunscreen, hat and long clothes) and properly hydrated. All prices are in US-Dollars per person, including taxes. Everything is payable in cash (USD or Mexican Pesos) and all major credit cards except American Express, bookings require an advance payment of half up front.

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