A “must” within your list of things to do... is whale watching. With us, you can take a look at these amazing animals: The giants of the world!

We´ll take you to the best spots to enjoy the BLUE & GRAY WHALES. You will learn a little bit of them with our English speaking certified guides that will explain all you see during this unforgettable tour.


Only 2 hours away from Loreto. We drive to the Pacific Ocean. We start the journey at 7:30 AM and you'll be back around 2:30 PM.

Includes:  2 hour whale watching, lunch in a restaurant, English speaking certified guide, transporation. Minimum party of 4 persons.


We look for Blue Whales in the Marine Park. Most of the time they are on the sanctuary triangle at the South. We know how to approach them since we are part of the GBAL (a trained group for whale watching).

We spend 7 hours on the boat. During our trip, way may find dolphins, fin whales, humpback whales, blue footed boobies, mantas, egrets, herons, and more fauna. We stop on some of the beaches and on an island for lunch. Minimum party of 4 persons and maximum of 6.

Whale watching tours (from late January to end March)
Island tours


Each island has its own beauty, where you can snorkel, swim, go for a hike or lie down for a sunbathe.

- The tour can be in panga or in boat (A panga is an open boat like a canoe, but motorized).

- The boat has a small cabin with a portable toilet.

Some of the fauna species we might see during different seasons are:  birds (blue footed booby, brown booby, cormorant, brown pelicans, herons, egrets, frigates. etc.), sea lions, mantas, common & bottle nose dolphins, sea turtles, blue, fin & humpback whales, etc.

The tours require 4 to 7 persons per group. We'll enjoy 4 to 6 hours on the trip, depending on the island and the activity. We include: English speaking certified guides (besides the captain), lunch, cooler with soft drinks & marine park fees.

The amazing Marine Park in Loreto Bay, is one of the largest in Mexico.

Coronados, Danzantes, Carmen, Montserrat & Catalana  are the 5 islands of the Loreto Bay Marine Park, with more than 509,000 acres of natural beauty.

Call us: (+52 613) 688-0008

Sport fishing tours


Our captains will take you to the best place to practice this great sport. The activity takes up to 6 hours (or when you catch the fish). We start at 6:30 AM.

We are a responsible company. We take care of our sea, so we follow all the rules of Semarnat (Federal Government Entity). Ask at the shop.

The activity requires a minimum of 3 to 4 fishermen per boat.

We include the fishing poles, live bait, lunch, soft drinks and entrance to the marine park. Fishing license is not included.

You can choose from a sea fox boat or a panga.

Please come with bathing suit, shorts or pants, sandals, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, sun screen, hat and light jacket.

Fishing has been an activity during human life in order to survive. We offer you to feel the battle against some of the biggest species of fish, such as the yellow tail, mahi-mahi, sail fish, marlin, and more.

Fishing for beginners tours


You'll practice with small sizes of fish, and also perform the catch of the day! A great time for kids to learn about fish.

This activity is for 2 fishermen with a maximum of  2 additional persons per panga.

The minimum age to paying as fisherman is 10 years old, but younger kids can also do it, with an adult.

We include: fishing poles, a live or death bait, fishing license for one day, lunch, cooler with soft drinks and marine park fees. You can choose from a sea fox boat or a panga.

Please come with bathing suit, shorts or pants, sandals, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, sun screen, hat and light jacket.

Great for those who have never fished, or why not to cook a great dinner? Even kids that want to feel the strength of a fish just as daddy or grandpa. We'll teach you the basics of fishing.

Scuba diving & snorkeling tours

For information on scuba diving and snorkeling, please visit our partner: Dolphin Dive Baja.

Click here

TRIP TIPS: Most of our trips involve a lot of sun. Please make sure you keep yourself well protected (sunscreen, hat and long clothes) and properly hydrated. All prices are in US-Dollars per person, including taxes. Everything is payable in cash (USD or Mexican Pesos) and all major credit cards except American Express, bookings require an advance payment of half up front.


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